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Wordshop Wednesday: Mélangerie!

Today, thanks to Oh So Beautiful Paper, I discovered the greatness that is Mélangerie. Not only do I dig the Frenchified shop name, but I also get perhaps a little too excited about all of their unique, adorably fun paper goods. And I have a feeling you will, too.

Wanna see why? Yeah, of course you do:

Scratch-‘n-sniff holiday cards? Heck yeah!

State-by-Celebrity Tote Bag: Sorry, but Massachusetts wins because we get Dr. Seuss.

Visit the Mélangerie Etsy shop HERE.

Words & Eggs is now on Etsy!

I launched my Words & Eggs Etsy shop a few days ago — a bit humbly and bashfully, I might add, because I feel as though I don’t quite have the technological capabilities that many successful shops have. Nor do I have very great (nor numerous) examples/images of my work. But, I have to start somewhere, right? Right.

And guess what? I’ve officially made my first Etsy sale! Granted, it’s a friend of mine who placed the order, but still. It counts. It’s an official order. I got paid for one of my creations, and it feels fabulous. 🙂

Right now, my shop contains only a few samples of my custom family trees, my lettering, and my Paper Clips journals (vintage and new papers compiled in a custom little book). In the coming weeks, I plan to add more samples of my lettering, particularly some calligraphy projects that I’m working on right now. I also plan to add some paper packs that will contain 20 paper items, from gift tags to vintage maps to pages out of French literature to swoon-inducing decorative papers from the Paper Source.

I’m especially proud of my custom family trees, for which I go old-school and use a pair of scissors to cut out each individual leaf from your preferred selection of colored/patterned papers, and then paste them on a tree base that I also draw and cut by hand. And then I letter all the names and package it for you with lovely Japanese washi tape (courtesy of happytape.com!) and a gift tag. Family trees make excellent birthday and holiday gifts! And there are plenty of options we can brainstorm… from Christmas “advent calendar” types of trees (25 marked days!), to friendship trees (all your closest friends!), to baby announcement trees (your new baby stats!), to anniversary trees (a branch or leaf for each year!)…. TONS of options. My custom family trees are reasonably priced, starting at $60 for an 11″x14″ tree; pricing goes up depending on your preferred size.

Feel free to contact me if you have any interest and would like to discuss!

But for now, here’s a little sampling of my work, which is all completely constructed by hand. You can see more images in my Etsy shop and over at my “Handmade By Me” Flick set. More and better-quality images to come soon, hopefully!

Paper Clips Journal

Paper Clips Journal

Early version of the family tree I made for my Grandma last Christmas

Early version of the family tree I made for my Grandma last Christmas -- each flower represented a child.

Wedding invitation addresses

Wedding invitation addresses

Tree and leaf cuts

Tree and leaf cuts

Paper Clips Journal

Paper Clips Journal

Family tree lettering (Note: I can do many other styles if you'd prefer script, etc.)

Family tree lettering (Note: I can do many other styles if you'd prefer script, etc.)

Wedding invitation addresses + paper leaf embellishment

Wedding invitation addresses + paper leaf embellishment

Early stage of Zoldesy family tree (pre-names). Sometimes I like the trees on their own! Maybe I should offer those, too? Sans names?

Early stage of Zoldesy family tree (pre-names). Sometimes I like the trees on their own! Maybe I should offer those, too? Sans names?

Packaging - Japanese washi tape + gift tag with stamped owl :)

Packaging - Japanese washi tape + gift tag with stamped owl 🙂

Paper Clips Journal

Paper Clips Journal

Wedding invitation address

Wedding invitation address

Framed Zoldesy family tree (14"x18")

Framed Zoldesy family tree (14"x18")

Visit my Etsy shop HERE!

Wordshop Wednesday: Bread of Many


Thanks to PoppyTalk, I have recently discovered the hand-drawn goodies of Haley and her adorably creative Bread of Many blog and Etsy shop. I feel compelled to share the paper-crafted loveliness with you.

You’re welcome.

(All images below from either BofM’s blog or Etsy shop, which you should promptly visit)

Embellished envelope (I wish my name were Lauren):


Beautifully unique invites and cards:







Ridiculously awesome Mini Note Passing Kit that I will be purchasing very soon:




Haley’s own handmade wedding invites:


This recipe book makes me wish I knew how to cook:



Organization & Procrastination folders, because they totally go hand in hand:



Visit the Bread of Many blog HERE, and Haley’s Etsy shop HERE.

DIY travel-inspired wedding invites

The melange of vintage and modern stamps and the map-lined envelopes are just two of the many reasons why I’ve been fawning over these travel-inspired wedding invites made by Holly from Nothing But Bonfires (a new find). Please check out Holly’s blog HERE. It’s brilliantly entertaining.






3810595514_617dbb1894(Yes, they actually invited the Obamas.)

I just discovered the clock stamps (above) sitting nonchalantly on my dad’s kitchen counter. I thought they had to be the coolest, most aesthetically pleasing items in my dad’s possession. (No offense, Dad.) I immediately thought they were vintage, but he quickly corrected me. So now I need to hightail it to my local post office and see if I can get my paws on some of my own.

Wordshop Wednesday: Ajalon Printing & Design

Summer is wedding season, and I have a lot of soon-to-be bride friends (and crappy dress purchases) to prove it. So I thought it appropriate to feature a wedding invitation design company for today’s installment of Wordshop Wednesday.

For any of you in the invitation-planning stage of your wedding, I strongly encourage you to check out the Sonoma County-based Ajalon Printing & Design and their amazingly intricate and beautiful letterpress designs, some of which I’ve listed below. Make sure you have a towel handy, though, because you’ll definitely start to drool.

Oh, and get this: they have a massive Letterpress Invitation Special going on, which they’ve graciously extended until July 31st. Check it out:

Order (or simply place your deposit) by July 31, 2009 and receive 100 letterpress wedding invitations with blank envelopes and 100 enclosure cards for only $398!


And there are more than 25 brilliant designs to choose from! For more information on available designs, fonts, and enclosures, click HERE.

With the exception of the last two images below, all others represent one of the designs offered in the special mentioned above, which you can see more of HERE. You pretty much can’t go wrong.














To visit Ajalon’s blog, which offers frequent wedding planning tips and unique ideas, click HERE.Happy nuptials!

Vintage Stamps: S.O.S.!

Lately, I’ve been feasting my eyes on a lot of wedding blogs that feature handmade invites and/or envelopes that use vintage U.S. stamps that still serve as valid postage. I have e-mailed a couple of people regarding where I might find some of these vintage delicacies, but to no avail. Apparently people don’t want to share the wealth. Which is fine. But… if any of you out there *do* want to share the wealth, please Please PLEASE leave me a friendly comment with any links/info as to where I might get my paws on some vintage stamps. 

I and my vintage and repurposed paper addiction thank you.

In the meantime, here’s some of my inspiration as of late:

Wedding invitations and envelope packaging by 100 Layer Cake, via Oh So Beautiful Paper:


Calligraphy and envelope design by Betsy Dunlap, via Oh So Beautiful Paper:



And finally, one of my absolute favorite finds, Love, Jenna Calligraphy:

Picture 11

Picture 14


Fortunately, the U.S. Postal Service undertook a task of aesthetic brilliance recently in their adoption of the following (now available!) stamp design… which I am thrilled to be able to use for my sister’s wedding invitations:

Picture 2

My sister’s upcoming wedding…

My oldest sister is getting married in June! It’s a very exciting time, and I’ve been enjoying helping her out by creating business card-sized registry cards to include inside her wedding invitations, for which I’ve addressed the envelopes and embellished them with patterned paper petals (umm, tongue twister). It’s been a wonderful, relaxing, satisfying way to enjoy the calm before my Dissertation Storm that will touch down later this week and last ALL FREAKING SUMMER. FULL-TIME. So… I thought I’d share with you some samples:







*Envelopes, cards, and paper purchased from Paper Source.