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Work it.

I‘m a bit tardy for the free calendar party: I meant to post pics a while ago of this ridiculously fabulous letterpressed calendar that Cranky Pressman sent me (for free, might I add. Fabulous Twitter offers, I love thee). The calendar was designed by Northcoast Zeitgeist and printed by Cranky Pressman, a union that makes me feel quite warm and fuzzy all over because they’re both Ohio-based. And, well, so am I. Or, at least, I was until about 9 years ago. One love, Ohio and your wonderful designers and letterpressers.

So, here it is, in all its letterpressed, retro-illustrated glory. And how appropriate that it’s emblazoned with the imperative, “WORK!”. Because that’s precisely what I need to do. Stupid dissertation.

Cranky Pressman is Keith & Jamie Berger. And they are lovely, albeit cranky. Oh, and they included a promotional letterpressed postcard and some other businesscard samples of their services with the calendar. Hopefully you can’t see the drool that seeped from my awe-struck mouth in the pictures below.

Awesome, right?

So, you should really check out both Cranky Pressman and Northcoast Zeitgeist. I’m really tempted by the possibility of having CP letterpress some of my hand-lettered/drawn stuff. And to release about 5 more gallons of drool.

I know, I’m not very lady-like.

Follow Cranky Pressman on Twitter HERE and visit their site HERE. Even their social media links look letterpressed. Jesus.

Follow Northcoast Zeitgeist on Twitter HERE and visit their site HERE.

The Taxali 300

Why don’t I live in Toronto? Or, at least, only an hour away or something? Because in Toronto there’s a place called Narwhal Art Projects. And at Narwhal Art Projects there’s an exhibition called The Taxali 300. And the Taxali 300 runs for a month, from January 28 – February 28, and it features hundreds (umm, 300?) of Taxali’s amazing illustrations and collages, together in a collection for the first time. From Narwhal’s website:

The Taxali 300 showcases hundreds of small illustrations and collages originally created for such esteemed publica- tions as Rolling Stone, Newsweek, The New York Times, GQ and McSweeneys among others. Spanning two decades and multiple awards and accolades, The Taxali 300 presents Gary’s exceptional collection of commercial illustration as a complete body of work in a gallery setting for the first time, allowing viewers to appreciate the prolific scope of visual communications and tactile character design intrinsically associated with Gary Taxali’s artwork.

It was painfully difficult to select only a handful to share with you here, so I really hope you’ll go to Narwhal’s gallery and look through them all yourselves. But here are some of my favorites. Emphasis on “some” – I have about a bajillion.

OK, I need to stop. I could post them all. Seriously.

Hope you like.

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

Created by artist, taxidermist, and all-around cool guy Wilhelm Staehle, Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre presents silhouetted figures (sometimes humans, sometimes animals) in occasionally prickly situations, coupled with witty (and often punny. Not “puny.” Punny.) text. Tickets to the Theatre are free. Here are some previews of what you can expect:

{ This one’s my favorite due to the Baudelairian Dandy reference. Of course. }

Follow Wilhelm Staehle on Twitter HERE.

Thanks once again to WeLoveTypography.com for introducing me to another fabulous artist!

Doodle-doodle-dee: sketchbook scribblings.

Some images from the Creative Journal that I started last year. My original goal was to take Paper Source’s slogan literally and “do something creative everyday” (I got the journal from Paper Source). Umm, it didn’t actually end up working. So, some days I’d fill a bunch of pages and hope that it made up for the days of extreme void.

What these pages primarily reveal is my obsession with decorative letters. And with some anny-mals. Some pages are merely exercises: trying to capture line and ornamentation design techniques, trying to capture lettering styles offered in the variety of calligraphy/hand type books that I own, etc.
















Some additional samples of my lettering can be found in my Etsy shop, where I offer up my services for custom designs, lettering on family trees, and envelope addressing! Check them out HERE.

Brought to you by the letter G.

Gotta love today’s Daily Drop Cap from Jessica Hische. In case you’re looking for “G” words so that you can take full advantage of this bad-boy, allow me to offer some suggestions:

goober, gingerbread, Gide (as in André), gluestick, genesis (or the capitalized Phil Collins version), Gund, glib, gullable, grimace (or the capitalized purple blob from McDonald’s version), guffaw, gander, George (as in Sand), gaseous, grizzly, glamorous (as in Fergie), gratitude, gluttony, Gauguin, gamer, gingko, Gaultier (as in cone boobs), great, gabby, Gocco (!), gin, genuine, Golden Girls, gib, grubby, gracious, gummer (as in my baby niece and nephew, on my thumb), Gummi Bears, glad (or the capitalized trash bag version), garage, gender-specific, Gilman (as in Charlotte Perkins), gentrification, ginger (or the capitalized Gilligan’s Island character), Gilligan, gardens, gotcha (as in the journalism style of reporting), Goethe, globe, goldfish (or the capitalized Pepperidge Farm version), gibbon, Gap, Gargamel (as in The Smurfs), grabby, gimp, Gunther (as in Friends), giver, guppy, Genet (as in Les Bonnes)…

OK, I think that’s good. Ha! Get it? GOOD? “G”?!? OK, I’ll stop.


Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Caps

    {I am so in love with Jessica Hische, I felt compelled to copy this post from my other blog}

eautiful initials by typographer, designer, and illustrator Jessica Hische, who has a newly minted Daily Drop Caps project, whereby “each day (or at least each WORK day), a new hand-crafted decorative initial cap will be posted for your enjoyment and for the beautification of blog posts everywhere.” Jessica provides the HTML code to copy/paste directly into your blog posts to take advantage of her letterific creations!

Daily Drop Caps thus far, magnified:



I am in love with these, by the way. Which you could probably guess considering all of the illuminated initials I’ve used throughout my blog posts since my blog’s inception last year. I guess you could say that Jessica Hische is kind of my hero. Visit her blog HERE.

Lettering Is My Valentine.

Valentine’s Day has always been, in my opinion, a false holiday. The exception being, of course, elementary school days where we all had the opportunity to decorate and individualize our own paper bag Valentine “mailboxes,” which would receive personalized Valentine letters that instantly produced smiles (especially the Snoopy ones).  Since then, though… you could say I’m not a fan.

But Valentine’s Day is primarily about the celebration of love, right? So… that’s my focus. And, this Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to glorify my one true love: lettering. Specifically, the lettering of Ms. Jessica Hische, whom I’ve just discovered thanks to the Uppercase blog, which is another love of mine.

Each of the following images are taken from Jessica’s blog: