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I’m a Perpetual Kid.

M y mother has a huge stack of magazines that I’m fairly certain she rarely (if ever) looks through. She’s got more important things going on (um, her husband’s cancer for one), so I get it. But those d@mn magazines glare at me from their antique bin, whispering and mumbling until I pay them some attention. And so I do. And then I pretty quickly learn why they were beckoning me: amazing finds like these…

Matchbook notepads from Pearl River (image from HERE):

Next up, letter magnets from Cupcakes & Cartwheels that would look awesome on my fridge and metal filing cabinets (image once again from  HERE):

And now, several pleasurable items from a store called Perpetual Kid, which I’d never heard of before. Now I will never forget it. Check out what little tokens of awesomeness they have to offer:

{ Uber awesome tissues! }

{ Awesome BINGO games! }

{ Awesome clocks! }


{ Awesome books & notepads! }

I think I would give out roughly 519.2 of those Cell Citations on a daily basis. Give or take.

Anyway, my point is that this store is fabulous, AND they’re having an amazing clearance sale right now. Go forth and channel your Perpetual Kid HERE. And follow them on Twitter HERE.

Vintage Italian graphic designs

From laura@popdesign’s Flickr set:

Pan Tu Nie Stał

Pan tu nie stał, meaning You Were Not Standing Here, is a Polish design blog created by sociologist Justyna Burzyńska and graphic designer Maciej Lebiedowicz, who are heavily inspired by vintage Polish designs from the 1930s onward. But that’s not all: they also have a shop by the same name, which features clothing, home decor, accessories, and paper products. Oh, and did I mention that they ROCK?

Just look:

All of the beautifully vibrant and inspiring images above are borrowed from their blog, which you can access (along with their shop) HERE.

Blanco y Negro

Lovely cover images from the Spanish magazine Blanco y Negro, published in the 1920s and 30s. Found courtesy of the beautiful Art Deco blog.

Throwback Thursday: Old-school rotary telephones.

Takin’ me back to my childhood… which was the ’80s rather than the ’50s, when the rotary phone was still livin’ large!






I love that last one. The two female domains of the household: the kitchen and the bedroom. Pff.

ABC Magazine: Revista Portugueza

Images from some 1920s issues of ABC Magazine discovered over at the fabulous Dias que Voam blog:

An adorably illustrated ad from one of the issues:

M is for Magazine.

Check out these wooden “M” magazine racks from paperdoll woodshop:

Found via WeLoveTypography.com.