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Lucky #7

Before I left town for the holidays, I was busy doing lots of things like grading, applying for jobs (still doing that one), buying Christmas presents, and stalking Present Correct‘s listings of daily advent boxes. Only one awesome box of goodies per day. First come, first serve. My super stealth stalking methods paid off, and I rejoiced when I scored the #7 advent box. But then I went far far away to Ohio to spend the holidays with my family. And I amazingly forgot about lucky #7. But then I came back from far far away Ohio, and lucky #7 was awaiting me with open boxy arms!

Lookie what prizes I got!!!

{ Open me! And now! }

{ Holy…! }

{ An organized little sampling of goodies from the box, in case you’re OCD and need order in your life. }

{ Non-ordered samplings. For the rest of us. Beautiful either way, really. }

{ The whole collection. I am especially fond of the “L”s. It’s like they knew my name and stalking tendencies or something. }

I may or may not recycle some of these items for the “Mini Packs” I include as part of my Paper Packs on Etsy. Or hide little doo-dads in envelopes from my Paper Clips Journals. But I don’t know. I’m partial to hoarding everything for myself. You’ll see me on A&E soon enough, drowning in a see of vintage papery awesomeness, refusing to let even a Scrabble tile go.

Thank you to Present Correct for producing such brilliant collections of vintage greatness!

Visit Present Correct’s amazing shop HERE, and follow them on Twitter HERE.

I’m a Perpetual Kid.

M y mother has a huge stack of magazines that I’m fairly certain she rarely (if ever) looks through. She’s got more important things going on (um, her husband’s cancer for one), so I get it. But those d@mn magazines glare at me from their antique bin, whispering and mumbling until I pay them some attention. And so I do. And then I pretty quickly learn why they were beckoning me: amazing finds like these…

Matchbook notepads from Pearl River (image from HERE):

Next up, letter magnets from Cupcakes & Cartwheels that would look awesome on my fridge and metal filing cabinets (image once again from  HERE):

And now, several pleasurable items from a store called Perpetual Kid, which I’d never heard of before. Now I will never forget it. Check out what little tokens of awesomeness they have to offer:

{ Uber awesome tissues! }

{ Awesome BINGO games! }

{ Awesome clocks! }


{ Awesome books & notepads! }

I think I would give out roughly 519.2 of those Cell Citations on a daily basis. Give or take.

Anyway, my point is that this store is fabulous, AND they’re having an amazing clearance sale right now. Go forth and channel your Perpetual Kid HERE. And follow them on Twitter HERE.

Bliss in a Teacup


Bliss in a Teacup is a lovely little Etsy shop that sells embroidered goods, chalkboards, looms, playing card magnets, and wooden bookmarks among other beautiful items:









Throwback Thursday: The Fisher Price School Desk

I’m thinking of making this a new weekly feature, but… not sure if I’m totally sold on it yet. I already have Wordshop Wednesday and French Friday. Maybe my Thursdays need to feel more liberated and not so pigeonholed? Then again, I love vintage and retro-y stuff anyway, so I kind of doubt “throwback” material would feel very restricting or hard to come by.

Well, we’ll see how it goes.

But, for today, I feel absolutely compelled to post the following images, which I came across last night thanks to Uppercase Gallery‘s ridiculously awesome Flickr stream. I’ve become a bit of a Flickrholic lately, so be careful: it could happen to you. In any case, when I saw these images of the Fisher Price School Desk, I instantaneously screamed and clapped my hands with major elation. And then a bajillion happy memories (both visual and tactile) began inundating me.

It was awesome.

So, without further ado, I give you: The Fisher Price School Desk:




Too much of a good thing? NEVER!

Bunches of piles of collections of lettery lusciousness, in all different forms. Check your blood pressure and pour yourself a glass of ice water, please. You’re going to need it. Overstimulation on the way. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.