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Wordshop Wednesday: Miss Bella’s Room

Some people are obsessed with checking themselves out. You know the ones: can’t pass a window without rubbernecking to see how they are being seen. Some people are obsessed with checking to make sure makeup hasn’t smudged, that lipstick hasn’t transferred to a front tooth, that there’s not a blob of unblended concealer chilling under their eye… I get it. I know the paranoia. But mine might be a little more focused. See, rather than a general concern for a potential makeup mishap, I am haunted by a very distinct, cave-dwelling demon: cliffhangers that like to reside in my nostrils. I am CONSTANTLY paranoid that one of those cave-dwellers wants to expose him/herself. CONSTANTLY. Not the most aesthetically pleasing topic of a blog post, I realize. But here’s where it becomes relevant: I’ve been on the hunt for some cool little pocket mirrors (sometimes my reflection in my dark laptop screen just doesn’t suffice) to stuff in my backpack and subtly bring out on (frequent) occasion.

So, of course, I went to Etsy.

And I found these extremely affordable little handmade pocket mirrors over at Miss Bella’s Room. Some contenders to help assuage my fears: