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Vintage Japanese New Years postcards

t kills me that I live in Boston and haven’t been to the Museum of Fine Arts in, let’s see… three years, I think? Ridiculous. We have a new Institute of Contemporary Art as well, but I haven’t been there either. WTF? You’d think I have a dissertation and teaching and tutoring and Etsy and design blog stalking to do or something!

Anyway, so I was just checking out the MFA online, doing a virtual visit (since I’m pretty sure the physical building is closed at 10:59pm), and I came across their fabulous collection of New Year’s Japanese Postcards, some of which I absolutely must share with you:

New Year’s Card: Dog on a Blackboard Offers Congratulations
Japanese, Late Meiji era, 1910
Artist Unidentified, Japanese

New Year’s Card
Japanese, Showa era, 1930
Artist Unknown, Japanese
Publisher: Nomuraya

New Year’s Card: Goat in a Heart
Japanese, Late Meiji era, 1907
Maruyama Banka, Japanese, 1867–1942

New Year’s Card: Penguins
Japanese, Taishô era, 1921
Sugiura Hisui, Japanese, 1876–1965

New Year’s Card: Bull and a Woman
Japanese, Taisho era, 1925
Artist Unknown, Japanese

New Year’s Card: Going to Shimonoseki
Original Title: Shimonoseki yuki
Japanese, Taishô-early Shôwa era
S. Riyo, Japanese, dates unknown
Publisher: Tanaka & Co.

New Year’s Card: Goat
Japanese, Early Shôwa era, 1931
Takahashi Haruka, Japanese, dates unknown
Publisher: Seikyokudô

New Year’s Card with Airplane
Japanese, Taisho- early Showa era
Takahashi Haruka, Japanese, dates unknown
Publisher: Seikyokudô

New Year’s Card: The Monkey Celebrating with Ozoni (from an unidentified series) of New Year’s cards
Original Title: Ozoni iwau osaru
Japanese, Showa era, 1932
Artist Unidentified, Japanese
Publisher: Tanaka & Co.

New Year’s Card: Dragon
Japanese, Early Shôwa era, 1928
Takahashi Haruka, Japanese, dates unknown
Publisher: Yamaguchi Seikyokudô

New Year’s Card: Mouse at the Piano
Japanese, Taisho era, 1912
Artist Unknown, Japanese
Publisher: Naniwaya
Printed by: Tokyo Design Printing Company (Tokyo zuan insatsu sha)

New Year’s Card: Seahorses
Japanese, Early Shôwa era, 1928
Takahashi Haruka, Japanese, dates unknown
Publisher: Yamaguchi Seikyokudô

{ All images above borrowed from the MFA’s online New Year’s Japanese Postcard collection,
which you should visit HERE. }

Aren’t they great? Yeah, I thought so, too. Japan’s pretty awesome.

I really need to get back to that museum.

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Letterpress New Year

wo recent letterpress posts over at Oh So Beautiful Paper made me swoon in a major way. So, just in case you missed them, I thought I’d revive them for you here.

The first was a post featuring this inexplicably beautiful letterpress mini-calendar from Wiley Valentine, which unfortunately sold out before I could nab one for myself:

Ridiculously gorgeous, right? The envelope ALONE has a significant Pavlovian effect on me.

And now check out these New Year’s Eve letterpress invites from Czar Press:

At the risk of placing you in a letterpress-induced coma, I offer you just a couple more images from Czar Press. Consider it my New Year’s gift to you:

OK, I can’t take anymore.

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Happy Wednesday!

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Happy New Year… blah blah blah

Imagistic reasons to celebrate the commencement of 2009, starting with my personal favorite:

il_430xn49742241(Awesome cards above may be found HERE)

il_430xn47511979(Lovely letterpress card above may be found HERE)


(Vonderfully vintage postcards above can be found HERE)

il_430xn50449521(Luscious letterpress card above located HERE)

il_430xn37821835(The tag above with undisclosed purpose (is it for a bottle? Happy New Year, Bottle! weird) may be found HERE)


(Is that dude on the left a cyclops? If you’re not horrified, you can check out the image above HERE)


rockscissorpaper_2034_28402701(The brilliantly bright images above may be found HERE)


(Who doesn’t want a “Happy New Year” pendant? OK, me neither, but still… HERE it is)

il_430xn40461210(My token vintage Frenchie image above may be found HERE)


I haven’t posted any calendars in a while…

It’s almost 2009! As in denial of this fact as I am, it doesn’t make it any less true.


But, if another year threatens to begin, well then, we might as well welcome it with designeriffic beauty, don’t you think?

I bet you’ll want all of these calendars, just like I do.

LENA CORWIN (this one’s my personal favorite, shh!):





SOMETHING’S HIDING HERE (what a great shop name, huh?):







Letterpress makes me more willing to ring in the new year, how about you?


HAPPIFYs postcard calendar (I find this incredibly inventive/awesome):


Four seasons letterpress calendar by ELUM DESIGNS: