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Letterpress New Year

wo recent letterpress posts over at Oh So Beautiful Paper made me swoon in a major way. So, just in case you missed them, I thought I’d revive them for you here.

The first was a post featuring this inexplicably beautiful letterpress mini-calendar from Wiley Valentine, which unfortunately sold out before I could nab one for myself:

Ridiculously gorgeous, right? The envelope ALONE has a significant Pavlovian effect on me.

And now check out these New Year’s Eve letterpress invites from Czar Press:

At the risk of placing you in a letterpress-induced coma, I offer you just a couple more images from Czar Press. Consider it my New Year’s gift to you:

OK, I can’t take anymore.

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Happy Wednesday!

(Initial “T” found HERE)

French Friday (on Saturday. Again.)

For this, the first installment of French Friday 2009, I thought it appropriate to post some vintage French Christmas and New Year’s images. But not just any old holiday images. No no. I’ve decided to offer you some vintage shots of elegantly lettered/typed, holiday restaurant menus. (*Note: I am now on a handwriting-advocator kick ever since I encountered Anne Trubek’s article, which I freaked out about discussed yesterday on my other blog)

Oh, one more thing before I introduce the images to you: if you haven’t yet eaten dinner, you might wish to wait a bit before checking out the following images. See how I look out for you? You’re welcome.


(Image above & the “Jour de l’An” menu below found ICI)


(Image above found ICI)


(Image above found ICI)


And then a couple non-holiday vintage French menus:


(Image above found ICI)

b791_1-1(Image above found ICI)


(Image above found ICI)


(Image above, from the Siege of Paris, found ICI)