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French Friday: Capucine for Edurelief

One of my former French students sent me this Capucine video via Facebook the other day (merci PN!), and I can’t stop hearing Capucine’s cute, animated little narrative voice talking about “les popotames” (hippopotamuseseses).

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Quelle imagination de cette petite fille qui rêve des monstres et de la pauvreté et de l’égalité pour tous!

After I received the video, I did a little Googling and found that la petite Capucine has inspired a charitable endeavour by her mother, who is now raising funds for Edurelief, which is a non-profit that raises money to help kids in Mongolia who lack books and other educational necessities. Donations can be made directly to Edurelief, or you can purchase a ridiculously cute t-shirt that features one of Capucine’s original drawings and a quote from one of her adorable tales (quotes can be printed in French or in English). Some images from the website, which you should visit tout de suite:

To learn more about la mignonne Capucine and to watch all of her storytelling videos, click over to the Capucha website HERE.

Some of my favorite Capucine photos from the website (I am having MAJOR difficulty dealing with how cute she is. I bet you will, too. Oh, and I also bet you’ll want that Nutella like I do, too.):

Wordshop Wednesday: ZippityDooda


For this week’s edition of Wordshop Wednesday, I am extremely excited to present you with the extraordinary project known as An Artful Agenda. Featured on ZippityDooda’s Etsy site,

An Artful Agenda:

“showcases the artwork of eighteen different artists who have donated their art to benefit the Northeast Portland Tool Library (neptl.org). Two-thirds of the proceeds go to support NEPTL. The mission of An Artful Agenda is to harness the power of community through resource sharing, whether it’s sharing skills, knowledge and equipment to create a work of art or sharing tools in a neighborhood.”

There are three different cover designs to choose from, and four different color options. But, in my opinion, the best part is that the book isn’t overpowering in size (it measures 4.25″ x 5.5″ x 5/8″), and it comes with unlined pages. I tend to be vehemently anti-line. 

Here are the three cover designs,
which also showcase three of the different color options:





Interior image samples: