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Halloween Chills & Thrills!

From the Little Big Book of Chills & Thrills, published by WelcomeBooks in 2005:





{Source for three above}

Boo! My Halloween paper pack…

Stuffed with vintage and modern unique goodies for your little one… or for your own paper fetish scrapbooking and collage projects!

My 15-piece Halloween Pack includes:

~Orange and black patterned papers
~Black and orange construction paper
~Peanuts- and Winnie the Pooh-themed activity and coloring pages
~Vintage thesaurus and dictionary pages referencing Halloween-themed words, such as “fear,” “sorcery,” “frighten,” “ghoulish,” etc.
~Vintage French textbook pages focused on disguises, costumes, and acting a part
~Envelopes and gift tags featuring Halloween-themed stamps
~Fun Halloween stickers!

Will ship immediately so that you have it in time for the big 3-1!

Some images of potential included items (but keep in mind that there’s more than what’s shown!):







Check out this and other paper goodies in my Words & Eggs Etsy shop HERE.

Words & Eggs is now on Etsy!

I launched my Words & Eggs Etsy shop a few days ago — a bit humbly and bashfully, I might add, because I feel as though I don’t quite have the technological capabilities that many successful shops have. Nor do I have very great (nor numerous) examples/images of my work. But, I have to start somewhere, right? Right.

And guess what? I’ve officially made my first Etsy sale! Granted, it’s a friend of mine who placed the order, but still. It counts. It’s an official order. I got paid for one of my creations, and it feels fabulous. 🙂

Right now, my shop contains only a few samples of my custom family trees, my lettering, and my Paper Clips journals (vintage and new papers compiled in a custom little book). In the coming weeks, I plan to add more samples of my lettering, particularly some calligraphy projects that I’m working on right now. I also plan to add some paper packs that will contain 20 paper items, from gift tags to vintage maps to pages out of French literature to swoon-inducing decorative papers from the Paper Source.

I’m especially proud of my custom family trees, for which I go old-school and use a pair of scissors to cut out each individual leaf from your preferred selection of colored/patterned papers, and then paste them on a tree base that I also draw and cut by hand. And then I letter all the names and package it for you with lovely Japanese washi tape (courtesy of happytape.com!) and a gift tag. Family trees make excellent birthday and holiday gifts! And there are plenty of options we can brainstorm… from Christmas “advent calendar” types of trees (25 marked days!), to friendship trees (all your closest friends!), to baby announcement trees (your new baby stats!), to anniversary trees (a branch or leaf for each year!)…. TONS of options. My custom family trees are reasonably priced, starting at $60 for an 11″x14″ tree; pricing goes up depending on your preferred size.

Feel free to contact me if you have any interest and would like to discuss!

But for now, here’s a little sampling of my work, which is all completely constructed by hand. You can see more images in my Etsy shop and over at my “Handmade By Me” Flick set. More and better-quality images to come soon, hopefully!

Paper Clips Journal

Paper Clips Journal

Early version of the family tree I made for my Grandma last Christmas

Early version of the family tree I made for my Grandma last Christmas -- each flower represented a child.

Wedding invitation addresses

Wedding invitation addresses

Tree and leaf cuts

Tree and leaf cuts

Paper Clips Journal

Paper Clips Journal

Family tree lettering (Note: I can do many other styles if you'd prefer script, etc.)

Family tree lettering (Note: I can do many other styles if you'd prefer script, etc.)

Wedding invitation addresses + paper leaf embellishment

Wedding invitation addresses + paper leaf embellishment

Early stage of Zoldesy family tree (pre-names). Sometimes I like the trees on their own! Maybe I should offer those, too? Sans names?

Early stage of Zoldesy family tree (pre-names). Sometimes I like the trees on their own! Maybe I should offer those, too? Sans names?

Packaging - Japanese washi tape + gift tag with stamped owl :)

Packaging - Japanese washi tape + gift tag with stamped owl 🙂

Paper Clips Journal

Paper Clips Journal

Wedding invitation address

Wedding invitation address

Framed Zoldesy family tree (14"x18")

Framed Zoldesy family tree (14"x18")

Visit my Etsy shop HERE!

Owls by Matty Cipov

If you’ve been reading either of my blogs for a while, you are aware of my affinity for owls. I am especially smitten (read: obsessed) with Jon Carling‘s owl illustrations. Which, by the way, if you haven’t checked out his work, you should. Like, immediately.

And now I’ve come across an artist by the name of Matt Cipov, who has recently had his own exhibit, called “Creatures of the Deep.” I discovered him via Flickr, and thought I’d share the following lovely owl illustrations from his Flickr stream and website. By the way, his website is artistically awesome with great color combinations, type, and collage elements. You should definitely check it out right after you check out Jon Carling. OK, behold Matt Cipov’s owls:









And there’s some additional great items in Matt Cipov’s Etsy shop, like this little sticker guy:


Wordshop Wednesday: Poketo!

If you haven’t already scoped out the wonderland that is Poketo, you should make a beeline to their website immediately. Immediately, that is, after feasting your eyes upon the following diversely brilliant items offered in their online shop:

Custom diary:





Animal journals:


Hippie pens:





You can also follow Poketo on Twitter HERE.

Wordshop Wednesday: Linea Carta!


Linea Carta is the brainchild of Diva Pyari, an artist, calligrapher, and designer living in Northern California. Her beautifully illustrated gift tags and uniquely elegant calligraphy are sights to behold. I particularly enjoy beholding the Italian influence on her creations. 🙂

All images below are either taken from her website or her Etsy shop, both of which I encourage you to visit soon and frequently. Enjoy!

Alphabet gift tags:














Pencil cases that I need to buy:



What Do You Mean the Recession Isn’t Fun?

528I’ve already featured Rock, Scissor, Paper on Words & Eggs — several times, actually — but what can I say? They’re awesome. And now they’ve outdone themselves yet again, this time with their line of Retro Recession cards.


Who knew the recession could be so ding dang fun?!

Here are some of my favorites, but check out the link above for the full selection of 25 designs: