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French Friday: Capucine for Edurelief

One of my former French students sent me this Capucine video via Facebook the other day (merci PN!), and I can’t stop hearing Capucine’s cute, animated little narrative voice talking about “les popotames” (hippopotamuseseses).

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Quelle imagination de cette petite fille qui rêve des monstres et de la pauvreté et de l’égalité pour tous!

After I received the video, I did a little Googling and found that la petite Capucine has inspired a charitable endeavour by her mother, who is now raising funds for Edurelief, which is a non-profit that raises money to help kids in Mongolia who lack books and other educational necessities. Donations can be made directly to Edurelief, or you can purchase a ridiculously cute t-shirt that features one of Capucine’s original drawings and a quote from one of her adorable tales (quotes can be printed in French or in English). Some images from the website, which you should visit tout de suite:

To learn more about la mignonne Capucine and to watch all of her storytelling videos, click over to the Capucha website HERE.

Some of my favorite Capucine photos from the website (I am having MAJOR difficulty dealing with how cute she is. I bet you will, too. Oh, and I also bet you’ll want that Nutella like I do, too.):

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

Created by artist, taxidermist, and all-around cool guy Wilhelm Staehle, Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre presents silhouetted figures (sometimes humans, sometimes animals) in occasionally prickly situations, coupled with witty (and often punny. Not “puny.” Punny.) text. Tickets to the Theatre are free. Here are some previews of what you can expect:

{ This one’s my favorite due to the Baudelairian Dandy reference. Of course. }

Follow Wilhelm Staehle on Twitter HERE.

Thanks once again to WeLoveTypography.com for introducing me to another fabulous artist!

Wordshop Wednesday: 26 Olive Street!


Welcome to the vintage brilliance of 26 Olive Street. Their old-school offerings and fabulously composed polaroid-style photos make me giddy (to an annoying degree, I’m sure). I bet they’ll have the same effect on you.

Here’s why:

(all images borrowed from their Etsy shop)











For more great images, check out 26 Olive Street’s Flickr page and their blog. Oh, and you can get all their updates by following them on Twitter HERE.

French Friday: Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien

In case you’ve never been over to visit Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien, please allow me to offer you several reasons why you better hightail it over there immediately…














8567315(That’s a letter written by Voltaire, fyi.)


French Friday (4.0)!

I received a grant two summers ago (uh, that would be 2007) to conduct some dissertation research in Paris at the BnF. I spent six weeks living in the most charming and lovely little studio apartment that was literally around the corner from the Place des Vosges. And I visited museums at least three or four times per week. And I was right near the Picasso Museum, which pretty much became my church. Anyway, my whole point with this is: I miss it immensely… and, sometimes, painfully. 😦 Severe nostalgia lately. So, for this edition of French Friday, I thought I’d pay homage to some of my favorite French artists and their love of words.

Fernand Léger:

Pablo Picasso:

Juan Gris:

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec:

Henri Matisse: