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Doodle-doodle-dee: sketchbook scribblings.

Some images from the Creative Journal that I started last year. My original goal was to take Paper Source’s slogan literally and “do something creative everyday” (I got the journal from Paper Source). Umm, it didn’t actually end up working. So, some days I’d fill a bunch of pages and hope that it made up for the days of extreme void.

What these pages primarily reveal is my obsession with decorative letters. And with some anny-mals. Some pages are merely exercises: trying to capture line and ornamentation design techniques, trying to capture lettering styles offered in the variety of calligraphy/hand type books that I own, etc.
















Some additional samples of my lettering can be found in my Etsy shop, where I offer up my services for custom designs, lettering on family trees, and envelope addressing! Check them out HERE.

Paper paper paper

Today I learned that Megan Fox has a paper phobia and, thus, despises paper. I always knew that my distaste for her was warranted. Even before I saw those wretched previews for that wretched movie, Jennifer’s Body.

HOW CAN YOU HATE PAPER?!? Which makes me question whether or not she ever really graduated high school. Or junior high. Or any other school, for that matter. Because I’m pretty sure schools harbor LOTS of paper. Sometimes even collected and bound in things called BOOKS.


Here are the paper patterns I selected for the family tree I’m making for a friend. Cover your eyes, Megan Fox.


Papers courtesy of Paper Source, A.C. Moore, and Megan Fox’s nightmares.

Shot of the family tree, currently in progress:


More leaves to add, and then, obviously, the names.


Exclusively for Gram…

My grandmother (aka, Gram) is my favorite person on earth. This is not news. My mom, dad, and sisters have accepted this information and have learned to deal with taking a collective backseat. They understand. I mean, hell, Gram is pretty much their favorite person on earth, too. (E.T. is our favorite person NOT on earth. Duh.)

So, sometimes I send Gram little prizes just to remind her I love her and miss her and think of her constantly. See, Gram lives in South Carolina. And I… do not. Not even close. So… it’s hard. Did I mention she’s 91? Yeah. She’s fabulous. She still mows her own lawn. In her navy blue pumps.

I’m completely serious.

Anyway… so, she doesn’t get to see us very often, and “us” includes my baby niece and nephew (her GREAT-grandchildren) who live up here in Mass. with me. So, that’s sad. Really sad. So I periodically get pictures printed off and send them to her. And I try to find creative ways to do so, rather than just sliding them into a stiff photo mailer accompanied by a rather lame “hello” note. That’s so sterile and blah.

Gram deserves more excitement, don’t you agree?

So, this time, I decided to compile some cool papers, clip them together, and write her little notes throughout. It’s similar to the journal I made for my friend a while ago (pictured HERE), except it’s not a journal. It’s just a fun collection of cool images for Gram to enjoy. Mostly images that bear some significance to us and our family.

So I just thought I’d share them with you…



Index cards, kraft envelope, recycled Paper Source paper from my calendar, vintage misc. papers…




French is a family thing. This page is from a vintage “Learn French” book that I got at a used bookstore a few years ago, for a dollar. People are crazy.

IMG_8170.JPGGram has always had fresh fruit in a bowl on her table. Nous préférons les pêches!

IMG_8163-1.JPGGram’s a big Obama fan! Nothing like a 91-year-old liberal! This is a sticker I got from MoveOn.org after the election

My sister’s upcoming wedding…

My oldest sister is getting married in June! It’s a very exciting time, and I’ve been enjoying helping her out by creating business card-sized registry cards to include inside her wedding invitations, for which I’ve addressed the envelopes and embellished them with patterned paper petals (umm, tongue twister). It’s been a wonderful, relaxing, satisfying way to enjoy the calm before my Dissertation Storm that will touch down later this week and last ALL FREAKING SUMMER. FULL-TIME. So… I thought I’d share with you some samples:







*Envelopes, cards, and paper purchased from Paper Source.

Christmas stills…

I went to Ohio to spend Christmas with my mom in her new house in a new town. Because Santa is brilliant and magical, He still found me. And He gave me these:


I made a family tree for my grandmother for Christmas (with a little help from Paper Source and my Scotch Craft Stick!):



And then my mom put Becky-dog in a dress. Humiliation ensued, and Becky refused to look anyone in the eye. 


Here ‘s a mixture of things I made and purchased for my mom (note: NOT a doggy dress):


My mom lives a town over from where Thomas Edison was born (Milan, OH), so of course I was a nerd and had to go:


Edison wrote these really sweet/artful notes to his daughter, Madeleine:


The Edison’s kitchen was lovely and located in the basement of the house:


Meanwhile, back at Mom’s…Christmas ornaments:


Becky and I played Hide ‘n Seek . I won:


Letterpressing, one month at a time.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I kinda like the letterpress. And the letterpressers. And the letterpressed. Particularly when the letterpressers provide me 12 months-worth of letterpressed awesomeness. Like those at Ilee Papergoods, who definitely know their way around a freakin’ letterpress. Here’s the proof:

Let’s get a closer look at my favorite month’s letterpressed brilliance, shall we?

Holy crizzap. That’s pretty much more letterpressing fabulosity than I can handle right now. So, before I have a coronary, let’s check out what the Lizard Press letterpressers have in store for us in 2009:

Good grief. Those lizards have a lot of freakin’ nerve creating such letterpressed elegance. That being said, I still need more, please, lizard letterpresser. Maybe just one month’s supply of letterpressing so I don’t fall over from overstimulation, please?

OK, seriously? If you’re going to slam a Jacques-Cousteau’ed letterpressed quote on me, the VERY least you could do is offer some type of warning. I think I’m hyperventilating. Please hold…

OK. Breathe in, breathe out. Wax on, wax off. OK. I think I’m OK now. Let’s move on. Whew. Stupid lizard-heads.

Alright, next up: Delphine Press’s 12-month letterpressed calendar:

Gee, thanks, Delphine. You tease me with a letterpressed owl and then you don’t allow me to offer my readers large-sized images of the letterpressed cuteness?! WHAT GIVES?! Not cool, Delphine. Not cool at all. So, to compensate, here’s another (tiny) animal image:

Sheesh. Enough from Delphine. Let’s move onto Green Chair Press before I throw a letter block:

Yay for largeness! Whoever said “size doesn’t matter” is a lame-o and clearly has never seen a letterpressed calendar image. Ok, close-up now:

Ah! It also contains encouraging letterpressed quotes!!!! Holy h*ll. Who would have thought that green chairs could be so creative and verbose? I didn’t even think they had hands. I’m starting to see spots, so I better move onto the next one. Umm, this next one is from the Paper Source. And you already know how I feel about my Mecca/Church, etc.. So… watch your back, readers… tread lightly… 

I’m sorry, but are those GIRAFFES?!? How the F am I supposed to handle THAT, huh?!?!? Talk about needing a warning before seeing such ridiculosity…!!!!! Before I drool all over my keyboard, thereby making it ill-equipped to type anything further, here’s a close-up of October:


Whoa. OK. I have my paper bag for hyperventilating… I think I’ll be OK. But let’s move on, just in case. The following are some lovely, simplistic little letterpressed designs from Sugar Paper, who also kindly offers little easels for proper display of the letterpressing:

I’m ready for my close-up, please:

I love that little easel. Maybe I just like the word “easel.” It has the word “ease” in it, after all, and that’s always comforting, isn’t it? It is. But enough. One more letterpressed calendar offering for you. This one, from Manifesto Letterpress, is actually an image of their 2008 calendar, but they inform us that the 2009 version will be very similar (minus the date changes, duh). Check it out, please. It’s definitely one of my favorites:

Can you even freakin’ STAND it?!?!? I’m particularly a fan of the roller skate. Though, I do feel that any of these could serve as Monopoly pieces, don’t you think? And I don’t even like Monopoly… but I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed its pseudo-pewter pieces. OK, our final close-up for this post:

I hope this post is not the cause of any cardiac arrests, fainting spells, hyperventilations, vertigo inflictions, etc..

Happy letterpressing…

Paper Source-induced coma…

I visited a local Paper Source store this afternoon. It was my first visit since sometime last spring. My health can only handle infrequent trips to the holy mecca of paper divinity for, otherwise, I’d live a life of fainting spells and smelling salts (preferably lavender scented, thanks). I bow in your general direction every night/morning before I sleep, and I faithfully declare: There is no god but Paper, and Paper Source is Her prophet.

Yeah, that’s right: I said “her.” 

So, yeah. I had heart palpitations with pretty much every glance or step around my “church.” You make it so easy to love you, Paper Source. And yet, so hard. So, so very hard.

Here are some reasons why:

Your gut-wrenching gift wrap:


Your cough-provoking calling cards:


Your head-throbby thank-you notes:


Your satanic stationery & crazy-@ss cards:

Your achy-breaky-heart-shaking animals:

Your jack-knifing journals:

And, finally, your gasp-worthy gift ideas: