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The Cornell Widow

was just gazing at some of the tons of brilliantly beautiful ephemera images over at Ephemera Assemblyman, and I thought I’d post some covers of a Cornellian student-run magazine called The Widow. It enjoyed over six decades of publication (1894-1962) until it was forced to go out of print because of yucky financial problems (ain’t that always the case?). As the Ephemera Assemblyman quotes on his site, The Widow’s name derives from “the college widow,” which was the name co-eds used to ascribe to “the girl who bowled over class after class of freshmen without really landing one.” Lovely. As you might imagine, the contents and images of the magazine could occasionally trend toward the misogynistic. But oh how the designs were lovely. Take a peek…

(All images below courtesy of the Ephemera Assemblyman)

That last cover was for an issue that appeared in 1981 (yes, 19 years after The Widow had actually folded) and was meant to mock the 100-year anthology of The Widow‘s rival, The Cornell Daily Sun).

For more covers as well as some interior content, head over to the Ephemera Assemblyman HERE.

(Initial “I” from HERE)

Westvaco II

Images from Westvaco manual #II: Inspirations for Printers (1953-1955) :

There are so many more brilliant images over at Design & Typo, le Blog. I’m tempted to post them all, but instead I’ll direct you to them HERE. And don’t forget to check out the first manual, which I posted about HERE.

Westvaco I

I was scoping out WeLoveTypography the other day (as I often do), and I came across a beautiful typographical image that linked over to Design & Typo, le Blog. There, I discovered the mother-load: tons more of similarly amazing designs from two separate Westvaco manuals.

Images from Westvaco Promotion Guide #1 (1956-1961):

I will post images from the second manual in a new post. Stay tuned!

More Ephemera from Martin Klasch

Vintage ads, propaganda, movie posters, and album covers — some in German, most in Swedish — from Martin Klasch‘s fabulous Flickr set:









Vacation = books.

Today I’m enjoying these black and white illustrations by Rudy Bass,
created in the 1960s for The New York Times:

By Rudy Bass for The New York Times

By Rudy Bass for the New York Times

By Rudy Bass for The New York Times

*Images above from Lab Partners and Ed Nacional.

Wordshop Wednesday!

You’ve all been to the Poppy Talk site, right? Please tell me you have. Because it’s an amazing foundry of design brilliance and constantly introduces new or newly-discovered artists. And well, I was recently foraging through the Handmade” section of the PoppyTalk site, and I came across some brilliantly executed words thanks to:


which stopped me in my cyber tracks. Once I collected myself, I clicked over to Paloma’s Nest, yet another Etsy wonder, where I discovered even more brilliance. Here you go, blog reader people. You can thank me later. Or sooner. Whichever you prefer. In any case, enjoy…