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Wordshop Wednesday: Reiter8

Check out reiter8‘s upcycled sailboat sails, crafted into beautifully vibrant bags, pillows, luggage tags, and more (you can even send in part of your own sail and have it upcycled all custom-like!):

See more of reiter8’s items HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE.

Spoonful of Chocolate Hope

I posted about Spoonful of Chocolate Hopes adorable recycled book handbags over on my other blog, Pauvre Plume, today. But I’m guessing a lot of my Words&Eggs readers would express equal interest in her literary creations, so… here you go.

You’re welcome.


ChapterOneThe other day, I was very graciously introduced to the lovely recycled book handbags of Spoonful of Chocolate Hope. Haven’t you always wanted Jane Eyre or Anne of Green Gables hanging on your arm? Yeah, me too.

And as if the literary awesomeness of these bags weren’t enough, Ms. Spoonful’s mission proves even more admirable: all profits are going to her father, who is currently struggling to keep the house that he built with his own two hands when he immigrated to America.

On her Etsy site, Ms. Spoonful assures us that no books were harmed in the making of these lovely little handbags:

I take gently used books and only use the covers. I then take the sleeve and wrap it back on to the fully in-tact book and donate it to a Refugee Center here in Arizona called the IRC.
However, if you would like for me to make a new matching cover for the book, please let me know it would be an additional $15. You can view an example of the book cover here:

Some of my favorites, all of which are available in her Etsy store:

I am in love with the toile lining of this one...

I am in love with the toile lining of this one...

Much ado about... something awesome

Much ado about... something awesome

Your keys and dollar bills would love it here.

Your keys and dollar bills would love it here.

Jane Eyre is green with envy. I would be too.

Jane Eyre is green with envy. I would be too.

Did I mention that Ms. Spoonful takes custom orders?? Yep. I’ve already been in touch with her about a Frenchified handbag… 🙂

Go forth and visit, please: SPOONFUL OF CHOCOLATE HOPE!

Thanks to LittleBrownPen for introducing me. In fact, you should probably go visit her as well, please.

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Japan does it again!


I was visiting Japanese Zakka‘s online shop again, and I couldn’t deal with how cute some of the items were, so… You’re welcome.

1. Alain Grée







2. Décolé



3. Shinzi Katoh