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What Do You Mean the Recession Isn’t Fun?

528I’ve already featured Rock, Scissor, Paper on Words & Eggs — several times, actually — but what can I say? They’re awesome. And now they’ve outdone themselves yet again, this time with their line of Retro Recession cards.


Who knew the recession could be so ding dang fun?!

Here are some of my favorites, but check out the link above for the full selection of 25 designs:


Happy New Year… blah blah blah

Imagistic reasons to celebrate the commencement of 2009, starting with my personal favorite:

il_430xn49742241(Awesome cards above may be found HERE)

il_430xn47511979(Lovely letterpress card above may be found HERE)


(Vonderfully vintage postcards above can be found HERE)

il_430xn50449521(Luscious letterpress card above located HERE)

il_430xn37821835(The tag above with undisclosed purpose (is it for a bottle? Happy New Year, Bottle! weird) may be found HERE)


(Is that dude on the left a cyclops? If you’re not horrified, you can check out the image above HERE)


rockscissorpaper_2034_28402701(The brilliantly bright images above may be found HERE)


(Who doesn’t want a “Happy New Year” pendant? OK, me neither, but still… HERE it is)

il_430xn40461210(My token vintage Frenchie image above may be found HERE)