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French Friday!

Our lovely, newly confirmed US president isn’t the only world leader faced with trials and tribulations…

On the 21st of January, former French president Jacques Chirac was bitten by his clinically depressed Maltese doggy, appropriately named… Sumo. I’ve found endless humor in the reporting of this incident via various media outlets. For example, the Daily Mail Online reports that Chirac was “hospitalized” after being “mauled” and “savaged by” Sumo, while a headline from the Agence France-Presse (AFP) declares: “Sumo the depressed lap dog bites Chirac.” Meanwhile, the blogosphere has reacted in a predictably sensational and humorous style, such as Scandalist, who announces: “Former French President Attacked By Prozac-Popping Poodle.” AWESOME. I mean, not awesome that the 76-year-old right-winger was chomped by his own traumatized doggy, but… awesome that journalists (and blogalists… I just made that up) are finding creative, alliterative inspiration (even though a spokesperson for Sumo Chirac has yet to confirm the brand or dosage of the medication). 

Who wants to bet that SC simply got angry at JC for falsely diagnosing him as a sufferer of doggy depression? and for taking him to a doggy whisperer who ended up putting him on sucky medication that probably gave him insomnia? SC’s just sticking up for himself. I don’t blame him.

In any case, here are some pictures of the former président and his tortured little Maltese (*cue Babs and “The Way We Were”):




Meanwhile, current French president Nicolas Sarkozy might be feeling a little left out (especially since he’s trailing Chirac in popularity polls, too). So, in case you want to “maul” Sarko to make him feel more included, here you go:



(Images above found HERE and HERE. *Note: Sarko attempted to ban the sale of the voodoo doll… but he lost.)