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Vintage smoking ads from lamarde

Aqua-Velvet recently tweeted about lamarde, thus introducing me to the fabulous world of vintage cigarette advertising and packaging. There’s a reason we have so many unfortunate people addicted to nicotine: the advertising was glamourous, beautiful, and downright awesome in terms of design execution. Despite my devotion to all things design-related (which, yes, includes my appreciation for pro-smoking ads), I still feel compelled to state that I abhor cigarettes and their disastrously horrific effects on the body (and on innocent bystanders’ bodies). I have a step-father who is currently battling stage IV lung cancer. Meanwhile, my mother won’t stop lighting up, despite the smoking-induced tragedy barely breathing next to her. I am, in other words, not a fan of smoking.

But I am a fan of great design. And of lamarde’s beautiful gallery of advertisements, which is where I found all of the images posted below. Enjoy. These are some of my favorites:

Visit lamarde’s blog HERE. Follow lamarde on Twitter HERE.

Throwback Thursday: Boston matchbook covers

A couple of months ago, I posted some gorgeous images of vintage cover designs from Boston Public Library‘s rare books collection, made available on their beautifully extensive Flickr stream. Now it’s my pleasure to introduce you to some more great finds in the BPL’s Flickr collections: vintage Boston matchbook covers from their Matchcover Collection set:

I’ve lived in Boston for over seven years now, and I have yet to set foot in the BPL. What the hell am I waiting for?!

P.S.: For those of you in/around Boston, on the evening of the 17th, the BPL is presenting “The Great Poe Debate” (re: Edgar Allan Poe’s Boston connections). More info HERE.

French Friday: Le roi du tabac

Disclaimer: I generally abhor tobacco and cigarettes as lethal weapons that have contributed to way too much illness among family and friends. That being said: come on, these vintage tobacco labels from Agence Eureka are pretty stellar.

Stupidly, I never considered that French playing cards wouldn’t have the J, Q, K, A categories. Umm, yeah. So, below, you’ll see that French playing cards have the following categories: V(alet), D(ame), R(oi), A(s). Unfortunately, I don’t have any A examples below.







Throwback Thursday: 1920s Illustrations of John Held, Jr.

Few artists define an age as thoroughly as John Held, Jr., defines the “Roaring Twenties.” Born in 1889, he was the right age at the right time with an outlook and sense of humor that shaped as well as recorded a generation. (Source)

Held’s talents bloomed early. In fact, he sold his first illustration to highly reputable Life Magazine at the tender age of 15. What ultimately followed was an illustrious career depicting the flappers and the jazz age of the 1920s (and, occasionally, some cringeworthy commentaries on women).

For additional biographical information on John Held, Jr., click here.

The following images are all borrowed either from Art Deco’s fabulous blog, or from this Flickr set devoted to Held’s works…