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Mel’s ATCs

I was looking up some vintage Remington ads, and I randomly stumbled upon a Flickr set devoted to ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), which I had never heard of. In case you haven’t heard of them either: they’re basically mini collages, and there’s this whole community of artists who make and trade them. I have to admit, after looking at Mel’s Flickr set of her ATCs, I’m super tempted to try some of my own. I’ll keep you posted if that actually happens.

Some of my favorite images from Mel’s Flickr stream:

That last one is a clock, isn’t that cool?

ps) the Ohio references make this native Ohioan (me) very happy.

French Friday!

One of my favorite photos that I took in Paris, the night of the Summer Solstice International Music Festival, back in 2007:


I have a love affair with bridges. Whether they connect left bank from right, an island to the mainland, or one country to another… bridges are what unite two distinct lands. And I find that terribly inspiring.

For this installment of French Friday, I offer you vintage representations of French bridges: