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Faber & Faber book cover designs

Lovely book cover designs from Faber Books’ Photostream:

Please Sign Here

I love discovering the handwriting of my most cherished writers. And I like to delude myself into thinking that a writer’s autograph reveals top-secret, mind-blowing info, only to me. Usually that exclusive info conveniently coincides with my preconceived notions about the personality of the author, thereby proving that my stellar investigative work is nothing if not accurate and well-informed.

Does the signature slant to the right? If so, I bet that author would have been my friend were I to live at their time. Does it slant to the left? Well, they would have wanted to be my friend too, but it might have required more of an effort on their part. Especially with regard to their predilection toward derby hats. See how it works?

I am also interested in the legibility and crispness of the script — or if it’s not script at all. Are there flourishes or extreme angles? If so, then I’m pretty sure you like Picasso. And absinthe.

It must be stated that I’ve never read one of those books on handwriting analysis, but I have no doubt it would become an instant obsession of mine. And I’d probably take creative license in my interpretations of preferred authors.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to display a little series of authors’ signatures. There are so many I love, so… please do not judge the order or omissions… There will be many more to come.

Now then, Part One of my Signature Series: