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Holiday Items!

For some reason, I have only just now discovered how to make photo collages (via Picasa). I feel extremely slow. This whole time, I’ve felt like I’ve been uninvited to some exclusive photography party. Anyway, I’m excited. So, I just made a few collages of pages from my newly listed Holiday Paper Clips Journal on Etsy. I had way too much fun making this, and I’d love to have a ton of fun making more, so please order!

Lots of pages to keep track of gifts you’re giving, gifts you want to receive, gifts that totally elude you…whatever! And I make sure to include lots of usable gift tags, decorative pages, stickers, envelopes, and some vintage items too (including an addressed/stamped Christmas postcard from the 1910s! I have a handful of them, and they’re so fun to look at!).

Each holiday journal will also include one of my hand-sewn, hand-stamped “fa la la” button gift tags.

Check out my entire collection of holiday items and their descriptions in my Etsy shop HERE. And stay tuned for more! I’m planning on creating a couple kid-centric holiday listings soon…


Nov 7, 20091


Nov 7, 2009





DIY travel-inspired wedding invites

The melange of vintage and modern stamps and the map-lined envelopes are just two of the many reasons why I’ve been fawning over these travel-inspired wedding invites made by Holly from Nothing But Bonfires (a new find). Please check out Holly’s blog HERE. It’s brilliantly entertaining.






3810595514_617dbb1894(Yes, they actually invited the Obamas.)

I just discovered the clock stamps (above) sitting nonchalantly on my dad’s kitchen counter. I thought they had to be the coolest, most aesthetically pleasing items in my dad’s possession. (No offense, Dad.) I immediately thought they were vintage, but he quickly corrected me. So now I need to hightail it to my local post office and see if I can get my paws on some of my own.

French Friday: Vintage Postage Stamps

I recently came across the Flickr stream of Dr. PhotoMoto, which produced a sort of Pavlovian response. His sets include breathtakingly detailed shots of insects, butterflies, birds, and… vintage international postage stamps. Yeah, I know it seems like a jump, but somehow it all organically evolves into one big photographic pile of awesomeness.

Below I’ve included some of my favorite stamps from France and her territories. But please Please PLEASE visit his stamp collection to see all of the beautiful specimens.










Vintage Stamps: S.O.S.!

Lately, I’ve been feasting my eyes on a lot of wedding blogs that feature handmade invites and/or envelopes that use vintage U.S. stamps that still serve as valid postage. I have e-mailed a couple of people regarding where I might find some of these vintage delicacies, but to no avail. Apparently people don’t want to share the wealth. Which is fine. But… if any of you out there *do* want to share the wealth, please Please PLEASE leave me a friendly comment with any links/info as to where I might get my paws on some vintage stamps. 

I and my vintage and repurposed paper addiction thank you.

In the meantime, here’s some of my inspiration as of late:

Wedding invitations and envelope packaging by 100 Layer Cake, via Oh So Beautiful Paper:


Calligraphy and envelope design by Betsy Dunlap, via Oh So Beautiful Paper:



And finally, one of my absolute favorite finds, Love, Jenna Calligraphy:

Picture 11

Picture 14


Fortunately, the U.S. Postal Service undertook a task of aesthetic brilliance recently in their adoption of the following (now available!) stamp design… which I am thrilled to be able to use for my sister’s wedding invitations:

Picture 2