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French Friday: Truffaut movie posters

I am a big François Truffaut fan. BIG. I just finished the final film of the Antoine Doinel series (which began with the benchmark film, Les 400 coups / 400 Blows), and now I’m sad. Not unlike when I watched the series finale of Arrested Development. Or Freaks and Geeks.

So, I felt it appropriate to display my cyber-homage to the movie master for today’s installment of French Friday.

I have gathered all of the original French film posters (sometimes more than one per film, if I deemed said poster truly stellar) from my preferred selections of the Truffaut oeuvre.



1. The first two posters are oddly similar. I couldn’t decide between them. Doinel looks a bit too orange in the first one, but the rest of the poster is a more accurate portrayal of his character in the movie. In the second one it looks like he just stepped out of the Walton household. John-boy?


2. Yes, I know Breathless was directed by Godard. But Truffaut wrote the screenplay, so I still think it counts.

OK, NOW enjoy.









My high school French teacher showed this last film to us in high school, which resulted in months on end of ma meilleure amie and I screeching, “LAIT!” If you’ve seen it, you’ll know why.