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Kiddie Records Weekly

Unbelievable site that I recently discovered somehow (if I could retrace the site-to-site-to-site-ad infinitum itinerary, I promise I would.): Kiddie Records Weekly: Classics from the Golden Age. Kiddie Records Weekly features a weekly selection of  vintage children’s album designs. Their archives are enormous, AND they stream all the audio! It’s pure old-school craziness! Go forth and enjoy. And, for now, here are some of my faves (but I still have stacks to pore through):

Aren’t they amazing? Love them. Love the colors, love the type, love the illustrations… love it all.

Missed Connections, illustrated by Sophie Blackall

sophie.RubysWishcoverI just discovered Sophie Blackall’s Missed Connections project via a Facebook posting from Chronicle Books, who recently published a children’s book, Ruby’s Wish, which Blackall illustrated. On her Missed Connections blog, Blackall provides uniquely imaginative visual translations of a selection of those addictive Craigslist postings in which someone loses contact with someone else for some reason or other. Sometimes endearing, occasionally heartbreaking, the messages Blackall transmits are always vividly touching. Plus, many include book references. 🙂

The illustrations below are all graciously borrowed from Blackall’s blog HERE, where many more great illustrative interpretations await you!

(Incidentally, many of these illustrations are also available for purchase as prints in Blackall’s very own Etsy shop HERE!)










For more info on Sophie Blackall and her lovely illustrations, click over to her personal site HERE.