Saturday with Sycamore

Thanks to the Poppy Talk site, I just discovered a ridiculously creative letterpresser by the name of Sycamore Street Press, which you may access HERE. They offer everything from letterpress greeting cards to gift tags to calendars to bookplates — and all with a unique sense of humour. Here are some samples:


2 responses to “Saturday with Sycamore

  1. Wow! So beautiful! Thanks for the link 🙂

  2. I like the “I expect a thank you note for this thank you note”…

    I ran into your profile while doing a bit of research on Greeting Cards. My name is Luis Garcia and I’m a graphic designer living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The reason for contacting you is that I found a Greeting Card company that I think you should know about. The company’s slogan is “Changing Lives One Card at a Time”

    The company’s name is

    You can try the greeting card manager FREE by clicking the yellow button on the website. I will pay for the card and postage. Let’s talk about what you do to promote your products online.

    Luis Garcia
    (540) 320-1045

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