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Vintage international hotel luggage labels.

Just learned about this fabulous collection of vintage hotel luggage labels from The Silver Lining Blog, which is quickly becoming one of my new favorite aesthetic pleasures. Great vintage design finds that make me exceedingly happy. Anyway, back to the luggage labels. The labels below come from the Rázsó Collection.

Did I mention that they’re all available for purchase? Yeah. Hold me back.

Bonjour Mon Coussin’s awesome pillows

For this installment of French Friday Monday, it is my distinct pleasure to present you with some of my most prized pillows from the fabulous online store, Bonjour Mon Coussin. They involve tantalizing type, delicious design, and  clever colors. But enough alliteration. On to the images. Oh wait, did I mention that some of the pillows are scented? True story. The scented ones are marked with “PARFUM” like the burlap one below, which smells like coffee!

Design on my desk.

It’s pretty unnecessary to state that I was supremely excited to receive the following Pelican 1969 edition of R.D. Laing’s Divided Self last week. In fact, I posted an image of a very similar edition last month and drooled over the cover design.

If all book covers were as cool as this, I probably wouldn’t mind that they’re strewn all over/next to/around my desk. And couch. And bed. And life.

And here are the covers of a couple of my old stand-bys: two texts by Alfred de Vigny from the 19th century. Stello (1832) and the play Chatterton (1835), which I’m currently translating into English.

These Garnier-Flammarion paperbacks from 1984 (Stello) and 1968 (Chatterton) are the first copies I ever purchased of each text. I now own three versions of Stello and four of Chatterton. You could say I love them.

Here’s another Stello paperback (Garnier 1970), frolicking next to Laing:

Yellows and blues and greens throughout the whole lot. Conspiracy?


S ome ridiculously lovely images from vintage French albums de découpages, borrowed from Agence Eureka’s (insanely awesome) Flickr stream, which you should visit pronto. Just as soon as you check out these kernels of cool, that is:

French Friday: Get busy!

Le sport et le gymnastique, from AgenceEureka’s Milliat (1933-1934) Flickr set.

I am now persuaded to go boating with a guy in a unitard.









French Friday: Le roi du tabac

Disclaimer: I generally abhor tobacco and cigarettes as lethal weapons that have contributed to way too much illness among family and friends. That being said: come on, these vintage tobacco labels from Agence Eureka are pretty stellar.

Stupidly, I never considered that French playing cards wouldn’t have the J, Q, K, A categories. Umm, yeah. So, below, you’ll see that French playing cards have the following categories: V(alet), D(ame), R(oi), A(s). Unfortunately, I don’t have any A examples below.







Learn Something Everyday

Learn Something Everyday, the brainchild of UK-based Young design studio:









Submit your factoids HERE for possible inclusion! You could even win a free poster. EXCITEMENT. 🙂